Problems with levition tombstones on surface channel fluorescents

spencer_electricianOctober 24, 2013

Thought I'd see if any other electricians have ran across arcing issues in tombstones that have the beloved little wheel in the middle, a levition model. The lights are Hugh Williams. My issue is I've installed 75 8 feet long (4 bulb T8) fixtures in a facility that needs tube guards on the bulbs. We had a few bulbs burn up their ends and determined the bulbs must of not been turned into the socket correctly (the tube guards make it a little tricky to grip the bulb and lock it into the socket. But now we're having handfuls of additional bulbs burning out their end pins from arcing in the connector. It seems that just tapping the bulb in the levition tombstone instantly gets it out of position enough to begin violent arcing. Was using tube guards a bad idea, in terms of causing trouble with the fixture? I'm doubting anything is defective from Leviton but that its more just the nature of that style tombstone. Anyone agree to change them to the type of tombstone that has 2 contacts without any wheel in the middle? Of course I'll have 600 of them to change. Williams didn't quite understand my complaint and mailed out 12 tombstones for the ones that already burnt up. I'm hoping for a fix for all of them get rid of this problem. Thanks so much for any input.


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I haven't used guards on those lights but I know that HE Williams makes a terrific product. Is there any chance that the guards are just a hair too long and are spreading the tombstones apart? That might yield less contact area and more arcing. (Where's brickeyee when you need him?)

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HE williams did reply that 3 cases were reported of arcing tombstones. On the 3, tube guards were in use. I think the plastic cap on the tube guard just competes too much with the socket contact.

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