installing 230V breaker

Pete2ZSeptember 5, 2012

I need to add a THQP230 double throw 30 amp breaker to my GE service panel for 240 volt dryer outlet however I need the bus bar adapter and black plastic insulator that I see the only other same type breaker has. Does anyone here know the part names and numbers for this? someone else prior installed this breaker with both poles on the same bus bar, therefor showing 120 volts off each wire to ground but nothing between the two hots. They assumed that it was ok because the dryer's digital display was working not realizing there are 120 volt circuits that do this. I was considering making something that would work but rather do it the right way.

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Ron Natalie

The THQP230 is a double POLE (never heard of a double throw) breaker.
You need to move the breaker so that it straddles the 1" slot (both slots have to be ones that accept the 1/2" breakers. You can NOT modify the panel to change this).

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thank you yes pole not throw... ok, next question would be seeing the board cant be modified and it's only set up for one 240 breaker can I use two single pole breakers across from one another? there are three slots on the red wire bus bar available one being used for 120. does a 240 volt circuit need to be on a double pole breaker? probably does for safety but if marked clearly.... thanks for your help!

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"can I use two single pole breakers across from one another?"

No because they will not trip together.

Not really an issue for overload, but a significant issue for servicing.

You would still have 120 V in the unit if only one breaker is off.

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thank you, I realized the danger of the next guy coming along to service equipment. I've run into this myself and was a major headache figuring what was still partially powering the equipment. Back to my original question.... this GE service panel has a cross bar from the red bus bar to one pole of the THQP230 double POLE breaker, with a (plastic or bakelite possibly?) insulator separating it from the black wire bus bar. It certainly could be removed for more 120 volt breakers by how it looks so I wanted to know if these parts can be purchased and added to provide another 240 V slot. Not talking about re-inventing the board or breaking away the tab from black wire side and hooking a wire with male spade terminal from breaker to red wire side. If it was my own home I would have made something work already but trying to help out a friend. Does anyone know if such parts are available is all I wanted to know. I may just run a breaker protected box/recepticle placed at the dryer and forget about all this. Was trying to work with what is there to keep cost down seeing someone else already had it in place and wrong. I appreciate the advice! thank you!

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Ron Natalie

You can not modify that panel to allow more breakers to be installed in it than are allowed by it's original manufacture. Each GE panel is listed for the number of 1" and 1/2" breakers allowed up to a maximum number of single polls.

If you're full up, you'll need to get a bigger panel or add a subpanel.

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thanks for the info! heading to home depot :)

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