Electric outlet gets hot?

gardenandcatsSeptember 23, 2012

I have a electric outlet if I plug anything into the top outlet the plug gets very very Hot so hot it would burn your finger..Yet the bottom one doesn't do this. Any ideas whats wrong?

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Replace it. Carefully check the condition of the conductors at the terminals on the receptacle. Plug the same item into another receptacle and see if the plug gets hot. The plug may also need replacement.

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Thanks its my vacumm cleaner plug and it only gets hot in that one top outlet.The bottom outlet is fine. I will have it looked at soon. In the mean time I will avoid using it..

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Conducters as in the wiring that connects the terminals?

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Receptacles do wear out from repeated use, especially the $0.39 cent ones.

Phosphor bronze for the spring blades inside the receptacle is expensive.

Using plain copper shortens the life as the inside blades lose their ability to grab the prongs of the plug.

A new receptacle is likely to fix the problem.

Just avoid the bargain bin ones.

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Had this happen in my office with a 1500W space heater. Created a smell like a dead animal. Maintenance tore part of the wall open looking for a critter before they figured it out! (I thought it was my feet!)

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