GFCI 20-amp bathroom electrical outlet

tnsueSeptember 13, 2011

I'm comparing the specs of three different 20-amp GFCI replacement electrical outlets for our bathrooms.

The NEMA configuration for

(A)(P&S/Legrand $27/3) is 5-15R,

(B)(Cooper $21/3) is 5-20

(C)(P&S/Legrand $42/3)is 5-20R

Does it matter which of those 3 I install? They're all 20-AMP so I don't understand the "5-15" type numbers.

The Grades are: (A) Residential (B & C) Commercial

The rest of the differences aren't important, although two of them are made from Nylon instead of Plastic and I think Nylon would be more durable, am I correct?

Item (A) is $20 cheaper than (C) and that really matters right now, unless a 5-15R isn't as safe as a 5-20R. Thanks for your help! Susan

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See if you can't find a more expensive GFCI. I pay about $10 for my lighted Levitons.

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Ron Natalie

The Nema numbers go like this:


The leading "L" if present means locking.
The next number indicates the voltage/leg configuration.
5 is single phase 120V.
15 means 15 amps
20 means 20 amps

R - Receptacle (a female thing that is mounted to the junction box)
P - Plug (the male one on a cord).
S - Socket (a female one on the end of a cord, think of the non-plug end of an extension cord).

Any of the 5-15R or 5-20R pin configurations will be fine. You can legitimately place a 5-15 on a 20A circuit.

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