Aluminum wiring

cityboyinburbsSeptember 2, 2012

Replacing a dishwasher in a condo.

Property was built in 1976 or 77.

I knew wiring was aluminum, but my research says by time this was built,

revised formula for aluminum wiring was compatible with copper.

In any event, opened up electrical box in DW, & found evidence

of massive overheating; melted insulation, wire nuts look burned.

Also saw very junky workmanship, no Romex connector, electrical wire just pulled thru nice sharp edged hole.

Maybe they had a few extra miles of old stock aluminum wiring handy and used it in this building, or ????

I want to put this back together safely. I read that some *purple* wire nuts are made for aluminum/copper connections.

I also seem to remember that there was some sort of paste you could use on the connections that kept things from overheating.

Perhaps I could put a nice new metal box on wall,

connect aluminum wire to aluminum friendly receptacle,

then install a wire with standard plug between DW and receptacle?

Help !

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Many jurisdictions prohibit unqualified persons from doing electrical work in multifamily dwellings, so you might want to hire a licensed electrician.

To answer your specific question you need to use receptacles labeled CO/ALR or pigtail with copper using a approved connecter (e.g., Ideal's #65 wire nut) and then you can use a "regular" receptacle. Make sure none of the aluminum wire's insulation had been damaged by heat and add the appropriate cable clamp to the box.

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