Dryer Outlet Fill Calculation

monkeystomachSeptember 13, 2011

So my dryer outlet was a classic 3 prong surface mount setup. After taking it apart to paint around it, I noticed that there was actually 10/3 NM run to it and the ground wire had been cut flush with the romex casing and not attached to anything. Since I also have a new washer I have decided to do it right and install the 4 prong outlet.

Since the ground was cut short I have to move the box up from 18" from the floor to about 24" from the floor just to make sure I have enough cable to get the ground connected.

In this process I also decided I will flush mount the outlet to make it look cleaner and help save some space.

I have a 25 cubic inch old work box with the plastic ears mounted into an exterior wall. I just want to make sure that it is big enough for what I want to do. (also I want to make sure it is okay to completely remove the little tab where the romex enters the box). Also, I want to ensure that these boxes are okay for 220 volt.



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The tab is technically required unless you can staple the wire to the stud within 12 inches of the box. It is to keep the wire from tugging or falling out of the box. Make sure to only leave an inch of sheath coming into the box, which is required and will help you maneuver the wires. The size is fine and the 240 voltage makes no difference to the box construction over 120.

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