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homeboundSeptember 19, 2012

I was called to replace/install two sconces with oversize ones that were purchased from Pottery Barn.

The mounting plate turned out to be some kind of cheap pot metal with two "wings" to receive the set screws. The fixture was secured to the plate with set screws that inserted into the side edge of the trim plate. Of course, it hung off the wall a bit, so I tried to bend those wings inward a little - snap. And one of the set screws "melted" and stripped while being inserted with a hex wrench. What a mess.

Just wondering how often you pros deal with this cr@p and what you have to say about it. This was ordered online by the customer so I had to come up with "plan B" on the spot which entailed some epoxy putty, etc...and a return visit tomorrow to get the second one on.


A few months ago I had a similar experience with a basic Moen faucet. Needed to bend the pop-up arm a bit to fit through the vanity top - snap. Grrrr.

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I suggest a call to Pottery Barn Customer Service. They will take your information and "should" pass it to their QA department to weigh in. In the interim, if a PB receipt can be found, and you describe how flimsy the plate, trim and set screws were they may give you a second chance for free. lol.

I dealt with PB when a bedside table with ungrounded electrical outlet demonstrated serious arching. I immediately pulled the table from my teens room as it represented a serious fire hazard. PB was helpful: they refunded the price of the furniture and filed a report with their third party QA management firm. I spoke with them several times to try to impress the danger this posed. Of note, that bedside table was no longer for sale when I discovered the sparking. I'd hope URL insisted on grounded receptacles for bedroom furniture outlets, but that may be a big stretch for them.

I agree though, you need to inspect and check their products. Lots are made overseas. I'm hoping PB Customer Service has an open mind for you as they did for me. Good luck.

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I'm just grousing about the headache of this sort of thing.

I called PB and they offered to send a full replacement to take out the necessary parts, but I have to return the leftovers via UPS.

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Sorry, arcing not arching. Glad PB was cooperative btw. Still, thread title bears elements of truth.

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There are so many places to purchase quality fixtures. We sometimes go to PB to purchase bedding or linens.

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Here's what happened. We got the new light (to harvest parts) in about a week. During installation the weight of the fixture began to bend the "wing" of the mounting plate, i.e it pulled away from the wall. My only consolation is this happened while I was still there.

Now they're all getting returned. Junk.

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