Undercabinet LED lights

jscozzSeptember 5, 2011

It has been a couple years since I looked into this... but I am now ready to buy and install mine. Just looking for some info on the top 2-3 models of under-cabinet, low voltage LED lighting. My requirements are:

1) 2700 color temp

2) Low voltage (ie. transformer located remotely)

3) Dimmable (ie. by dimming AC supply side)

4) Strips or fixtures that give uniform, even light on counter below. I am open to fixtures bought in needed sizes, or strip type lighting that can be cut to size and snapped in place.

I'd appreciate any input from people who have recently installed LED under cabinet lighting... and even pictures if possible.

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I installed some LED under cabinet lights when I did my kitchen remodel last year. I was doing a classic kitchen remodel that was in line with my 1912 bungalow. I didn't want the typical florescent crap and I looked around for some LED under counter lights. I went with a source I found on the internet here: http://www.environmentallights.com/EnvironmentalLights-Premium_C386.aspx

I was very happy with the final results and I was able to do all of my under cab lights for a total of about 50 watts. The LED bars I went with I think were 3 watts per foot and all of the length together was less than 50 watts.

My electrician had not installed LED under cab lights before and was surprised when the whole thing was run off of one transformer. I went with a 100 Watt dimmable transformer just to give me some overhead. I prefer these lights over my overhead that i use them a majority of the time.

The ones linked above an not be cut to size but you can link together the segments to get lengths close to what you need. I liked these as the brackets allow you to adjust the angle so you can do direct or reflected from your back splash.

I don't have any pictures. I can tr and take some and post a link here


Here is a link that might be useful: Environmental Lights

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We are happy with our Kichler undershelf LED lights, routed into thick shelves (fir veneer over MDF) so they are invisible at eye level. I'll try to post a picture. These Kichler lights require a transformer, which is mounted in the cabinet under the sink. They come in different lengths, and can be installed in series, as I understand it. This picture isn't too pretty (except for DH), but shows how these are used in our kitchen as task lights, or as night lights when we don't want to leave the kitchen in darkness but want to reduce electricity use.

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