Depth of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cable

mike_kaiser_gwSeptember 26, 2013

Is it really 18" for single family dwelling? 12v landscape lighting cable.

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That is for 120v circuits

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Don't keep me on the edge of my seat, what's the requirement for low voltage (12v) landscape lighting?

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"Table 300.5 Minimum Cover Requirements, 0 to 600 volts, Nominal---"

Column 5

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Look at the instructions for the installation of the low voltage system you are installing. You'll probably find that it is not deep at all, like maybe an inch, if that much.

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I'm 99.9% certain there's nothing buried out there but now I have to wait for the utility locating service....heck if I'm slicing through somebody's fiber optic line.

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It seems to me that low voltage lighting cable may not be buried at all. Your neighbor's fiber might be a foot through his yard, but more like 18" for the 'main' line.

My neighbor cut his own fiber when replacing a fence post. They ran it right next to the previous post he replaced, and he dug a 12" diameter hole for the new one. It wasn't that deep.

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Low voltage line is not considered dangerous, so you just need to protect it from normal damage. I would bury it 18-24" just to avoid normal yard work, but you should also look at where you might put fence posts and deck posts, since they would require a much deeper hole. I've seen it run only a couple of inches deep in flower beds, but then you just hope the shovel digs it up before you cut it in half.

Everywhere I've lived they have one of the "miss utility" services you can call, and they are very quick to respond. Most of the time they come out in 24-48 hours.


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Ron Natalie

For those who don't have the code to read the reference BusDriver gave, it's 6" under normal lawn. Your onecall utility locator (I always liked Miss Utility as a name for this service, but even in the old C&P territory they're doing away with that name) won't find LV wiring. You're lucky if they find all the phone stuff, but you're sort of indemnified if you hit something they should have marked but didn't.

There should NOT be any 120V stuff direct buried less than 12" (and even that is only for GFCI protected small branch circuits).

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