Wiring a ceiling fan light to a wall switch

Damian_1999September 4, 2012

I just special ordered this ceiling fan from Home Depot's website:


I has not arrived yet.

This fan does not have any pull strings and is completely controled by remote (light, fan, thermostat for auto on/off, etc)

I am installing this fan in my bedroom. I would like to have it setup is so the fan's light will be controled by the wall switch, and all other functions and features controled by the remote. I would like the remote to also control the light as well.. for example, turning the light on and off without getting out of bed.

Could any electricians explain how the wiring setup would be to have the fan function in this way. Diagrams would also be very helpful as well.

Thank you for the help,


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I downloaded the read the installation manual. I don't think you can wire it to controlled from a wall-switch. The fan/lighting functions all seem to be integrated into the microprocessor inside the light. It needs to control the light to implement the light-delay feature for example.

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