help with Service entrance cable, please

david1217September 15, 2010

I have obtained an electrical permit to update the 60 amp service on this old house. This will be 200 amp service coming from overhead wires. 4/0-4/o-2/o RN SEU Alum was approved by my inspector. This will be in 2" steel galv conduit from the entrance to the meter base socket. I have used the above RN SEU cable befor and it is a bear to strip the outer covering and twist the neutral cable. I found the following cable at a supplier and wonder if I could use this. I talked to my inspector and he said ok if it had the letter (R) in it's discription, well it does but he left on a emergency leave befor I had all of the code from it's lable. Bottom line can I have 3feet of this cable sticking out my weather cap and hooked up by my electric supplier ?

ALCAH W 4/0 AMG AL XLPE 600V USE-2 SUN-RES (UL) May 20,2009

(161 14: 25: 00) This is the code from the wire I would like to use because it has 2-4/o & 1-2/o covered wires that all I would have to do is expose some bare wire and not have to strip or twist any thing. I am conserned about this wires exposure to sunlight and the elements heat, cold. etc.. Thanks for reading this David

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Why would you put cable in conduit?

Use individual wires.

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My point brickeyee, I don't want to use a cable, I am asking about the alcah because it is actually 3 seperate wires just sold as all 3 wires at 1 price per foot. Do you know if this is suitable, it is actually 3 seperate wires.

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Yes, that wire is fine.

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Are you sure it is not marked 'ALCAN'?

I recognize that name.

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