Suggestions on 3" IC rated airtight remodel cans?

mike99gtSeptember 30, 2012

I'd like to light a 4x9' accent wall in my entryway with a couple recessed lights. I was thinking smaller (3") would probably look the best. Any suggestions what type fixture to use? 120V or LV? I do like the look of MR16 bulbs. I would like them to be dimable also.

The area where I need to place them is right next to the roof line so height might be an issue. All the LV fixtures look pretty bulky and are they available in remodel? I do have attic access but would prefer not to go up there if possible.

Also, I had an insulation contractor out and he said even if I use airtight cans I should still build a box out of foam in the attic and seal everything up with great stuff. Is this necessary? He said it will cause ice dams against the roof edge and recommend against the whole thing.

Thanks for any advice.

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Ron Natalie

It is not necessary to box airtight cans. The cans are as you would expect airtight and the trim ring comes with a gasket that seals that to the ceiling completely.

You do have to check the height of whatever fixture you use. While the IC cans can touch framing, they have to FIT there. I had some that I just couldn't fit because they were L-shaped (remodel cans with the junction box hanging off to the side) and I couldn't get them into the space no way. I did find some with the junction box moutned directly to the top of the can that worked.

Take measurements.

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