Garage door button wiring

lukshenSeptember 4, 2007

I am trying to replace my Sears Model #139.53716 button that is attached to the keypad outside the garage. When I removed the old button I marked the wires, at least I thought I did. Now I cannot connect the wires, no matter how I change them! Please help! There are 4 wires and 3 screws to attatch to. The door works with the car remotes and the other button.

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Didn't the new keypad come with a wiring diagram?

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Ron Natalie

Not all the sears garage door openers are compatible with the keypad. Most door openers use a simple contact closure for the "inside the garage" button (sometimes two, one for the opener one for the light). You can just briefly touch the wires together to simulate pushing the button.

The external crapsman keypad has a transistor in it rather than a relay. It will not trip the Genie/overhead door version of the crapsman opener. I have a little reed relay kludge I built glued to the top of the internal box controlling the keypad to make the necessary switch closure to run the opener.

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