Electrical Subpanel

Eddy-CurrentSeptember 3, 2013

I am going to change an electrical sub-panel from fuses to circuit breakers. The cable feeding the sub-panel has no equipment ground (just 3 wires). How should I proceed?

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Ron Natalie

Run a ground. How that is accomplished would depend on what the feeder is now. I suspect you'd be best to pull a whole new cable with ground though.

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Thank you Ronnatalie
I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, The panels are far away from the meter-mains and it's a finished 4 unit building with no crawl space above or below. In order to do that amount of work I would have had to approximately quadruple my bid, so it appears that I have to deal with what I have. But Thanks anyway.

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you bid a job like that without looking at what exactly you were getting into?

I'd be out of business if I did stuff like that.....

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Ron Natalie

Eddy, you appear to be way outside your element here. This is real basic stuff and you appear to have screwed up your bid badly as HEXUS states. Further, I'm beginning to have my doubts about whether you are an electrician at all. If not, you have no business working on this wiring PERIOD. Multiunit buildings that other people are expected to survive in is no place for amateurs.

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