nutone radiant heat, is backup wiring needed?

CallMeJaneSeptember 14, 2013


My electrician is installing our radiant flooring in all of the bathrooms in our home under construction. I have read that it is wise to install a backup wire in case the one going to the temp control goes out. When I asked him about it, he said hes never done it, and he isnt aware of a problem necessitating that measure.
Any opinions about this?

Thank you

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Ron Natalie

I think you are misunderstanding what the recommendation is. The suggestion is not to run extra wiring to the heater cable, but to install a backup thermostat SENSOR (and it's related wiring).

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I've never installed a backup sensor, but it's not a bad idea.
I've never even seen them for sale separately though.

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Mine, which I installed, has the sensor in a small conduit buried in the floor. The other end of the conduit is in the wall box with the thermostat. Replacing the sensor is just matter of pulling out the old one and pushing in the new. It has not yet been necessary to do that.
Mine is the Elektra brand and the mats were about 1/3 the cost of the well-known brands. Not quite as easy to install but have functioned perfectly.

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