dining area switches with dimmer working intermittently

dks35September 1, 2013

We got lights in the dining area where switches sometimes work and sometimes don't. I tried to search previous posts but couldn't find anything related since the problem seems like something that was answered before.
Anyway - there are 3 switches that control these 6 recessed lights - by the kitchen bar, by the kitchen door and 3rd one on the wall. The switch by the bar area is a dimmer switch. Everything works fine until the time when lights have been on for a couple of hours and then one switch (bar, with dimmer) takes over the control and lights can only be switched on/off from other switches if the bar switch is in the ON position. It's a Lutron 3-3-way switch DVCL153P. The switch on the wall is a 4-way.
This feels like excessive heat/bad switch issue but I just wanted to get your opinions before pulling the switches out.

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Ron Natalie

If it alternates between working and not working with the time of day, then yes I would suspect the dimmer is the problem. However, I would check well that the connections at the dimmer are secure before replacing the dimmer. The behavior could be explained by a lose connection there as well.

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Thanks, ronnatalie. All connections were checked/rechecked - everything seems fine and the lights are working again. We will continue to watch these switches and if intermittent behavior starts again - will start replacing them. Do you think that the dimmer switch is the most likely culprit? Can this be due to faulty 3-way and 4-way switches we have by the door and on the wall? I was thinking start replacing with those two.

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Ron Natalie

Anything is possible, but heat problems more likely will affect an electronic component rather than purely mechanical switches.

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