bus_driverSeptember 23, 2010

I use anti-oxidant on aluminum conductors- no exceptions. Today I observed an electrician using aluminum conductors 1/0 and larger and he was not using anti-oxidant at all. What are the thoughts of the experienced ones here?

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It is NOT code required, but I always use it. I coat the screw threads of AL terminations and lugs as well.

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I too always use it regardless of size.

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"It is NOT code required, but I always use it."

I have not checked the listings in a long time, but at least at one point the listing required anti-ox on stranded aluminum for a couple wire types.

You have to obey the listing.

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A quick look in the White Book under Thermoset-insulated wire (ZKST) and Thermoplastic-insulated wire (ZLGR) does not show any requirement for using anti-oxidant on the terminations. Any manufacturer supplied instructions requiring the use of anti-oxidant would be in the form of a tag attached to the reel which you would never see unless you bought the whole reel.

Even if there is no requirement for anti-oxidant, my experience is that connections made without the inhibitor are more likely to fail than connections made with it. For the 2â¡ or less that it costs per termination, I can think of no good reason to forego its use.

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Many of the crimp type connectors already have 'goop'
in them when you buy them.

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