what does it mean?

liesbethDecember 8, 2008

Hi everybody,

I'm so happy I found a good forum for stepparents! Before I tell a bit about my own situation, can somebody pls explain what DH, Bf, DD, SD and FDH means? Probably a silly question but I'm new to this, thanks!

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DH-dear husband
FDH-future dear husband or father dear husband
BF-boy friend
DS-dear son
DD-dear daughter
SD-step daughter
SS-step son
OP-other person
CS-child support
BM-biological mother

This question comes up all the time. These are just the ones that come to my mind. Other ladies that have been on the site for a while will be able to add to the list. We do have a few men here but not many. There is a wealth of experience and intelligence here. We even laugh sometimes! I welcome you and hope that you find help and friendship here. It has been very helpful to me and a good experience overall.

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Thank you!

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OP means Original Poster... in this case liesbeth is the OP. It is also used to refer to the Original Post.

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IMA....No wonder I get confused...LOL!

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