SD being nice

pseudo_momDecember 4, 2011

So its been a fun couple of weeks ... SD is being nice ... the kind of nice that I think is hard to fake ... even if its because the jolly fellow comes at the end of the month and her birthday in between that.

I have to say its nice having a pleasant kid around I know its because of the holidays hubby says no ... she realizing what a piece of $hit her mother is and is realizing we don't have to do for her but do it (reminder tells the boys she doesn't have custody of them so she doesn't have to buy/do anything for them continually)

But anyway here's to hopeing it continues even after the end of the year!

She's been asking hubby to take her to the mall to get "something" ... I offered to take her because something I wanted at a mall only store and she said no because she won't be able to get my gift if I am there ... first time EVER she has even hinted at even thinking about getting me something ... like I said even if it only lasts 3 weeks Ill take it :)

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I hope it lasts! I totally understand your pessimism about it, SD has suckered me many times as well... until she gets what she wants & then has no use for me.

Personally, I think these kids know what their mother is all along... they may not want to admit it, but they know. I don't believe how they treat us, has anything to do with what they think of their mother... but I do think the mother may have lots of influence on how they treat us. (if that makes sense?) As a stepkid, I never thought "well, my mom is not a good mom so I'll be nice to SM." However, I did think "Mom doesn't like her so I shouldn't like her or Mom might be upset with me." though I never acted on it. I only saw my SM a few times a year because I was already 18 & had a child of my own, but every time I saw them I was interrogated by my mom after. I was never able to tell my mom that I liked my SM until I was in my late 30's, after SM died.

I'm hoping it is a new leaf for her though. Keep us updated!

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She doesn't have to like me lol ... she just had to be a decent human being and all will be well in "our world"

I knew you would get it IMA :)

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