Niece's stepson eating plants outside

SAG1December 7, 2002

He's been doing it for some time now, and he gets the other kids to eat the plants from the neighbors yards. Lucky no one has been poisoned. She has said something, but he ignores her and his father. His mother thinks it is funny. The child is maybe doing this for attention, but Im worried that the neighbors will complain. One of my neighbors discovered several of her flowers picked and eaten.

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"His mother thinks it is funny. "
What kind of plants is he eating? And have you told his mom that PLANTS CAN KILL HER CHILD?

Do you have any lantana with berries for him to eat? They are "toxic" in that they can cause some pretty vile intestinal distress, but not fatal like many commpon garden plants are.

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Has anyone had the child checked out for nutrition problems? Usually when a kid keeps eating stuff like that, they're lacking something. Of course, it depends on the age of the older ones probably just do it for the fun of it but toddlers usually have a reason if they continue to do it over and over. Like my neice used to eat stones and dirt all the time! She was yelled at so many times and MIL was convinced she was lacking something in her diet. SIL thought it was funny, too. They kept saying "dirt won't hurt" but I don't think that saying was made to include children that are eating handfuls all the time!

Don't you love people who don't get concerned at all over something that could potentially be deadly to their child? I could wring some people's necks!


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I agree with Leslie, you should have the child checked by a health professional. I have heard that there is a disease called PICA and it is usually caused by mineral deficiencies. Kids with PICA often ingest dirt or other non-food items (as Leslie mentioned).

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ACK! I remember when I was little the neighbor boy got me to eat some bean-looking things in his yard....Oooo did I barf!!!! I must have been about 6 or 7 and I'll never forget it!

A stop needs to be put to that and it is in NO WAY funny!

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