Using a utility pipe for grounding of electric fence?

annie-leeSeptember 22, 2010

I was about to hammer in a 10' copper pole into one corner outsides of our house to be the grounding for my electric deer fence, but I noticed a near-by copper pipe (1/2")for propane gas which is burried 18" underground and about 100' from where I was to the gas tank. I was wondering whether I could save a few bucks and sweat by using this copper pipe for my electric fence's grounding? Although the pipe is only 18" underground, the 100 gallon propane tank must be at least 10' below the ground. Any thoughts and advice about this would be greatly appreciated.

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I would not put any current on the line and just drive a ground rod/pipe. I doubt you would have an issue but sometimes you can get a reaction that can erode the pipe causing a leak. In this part of the country we get a lot of lightning strikes on our fences which also would not be good. A good ground rod or two and don't forget the lightning arrestors is what I recommend.

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article 250.52(B)(1) specifically states you can not use a gas pipe as a grounding conductor.

"(B) Not Permitted for Use as Grounding Electrodes.
The following systems and materials shall not be used as
grounding electrodes:
(1) Metal underground gas piping systems"

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Drive the ground rod.

BTW, I find that a steel fence post driver helps quite a bit when sinking a ground rod. Beats standing on a ladder with a sledge and a helper who's hoping you don't miss!

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