indoor boxes ok in a carport?

bluezephyrSeptember 22, 2010


I'm hooking up some lights on the ceiling of a carport. The boxes are going to be surface mounted as I don't wish to break the stucco. Are indoor boxes ok by code here? I'm in CA and the worst we have is rain + wind but even then the rain will never hit these ceiling boxes. But if code is to use outdoor boxes I will.

By the way, I contacted our local building dept. and they said "it depends" but would not provide clarification.

Thanks for any help on this.

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Ron Natalie

You'd have to get a reading from your locals, but most places would consider an open porch, carport, etc... to be at least a "damp" location. I would use the appropriately rated boxes and fixtures for such locations.

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Thanks ronnatalie- I'm going to take your advice and go with the weatherproof boxes. I spoke with someone else at the building dept. and he said that in some cases where the boxes are set way back in the carport the inspector will let it go, but that weatherproof was preferred.

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