niveaDecember 10, 2008

is stinky in here :)

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Not sure what you mean by this ... but this time of year brings all sorts of new people to the site ... mostly just to vent and get it out before they explode.

We all have different reasons why we post, but most of the time its just to know that "we" are not out of our minds the people we are dealing with are not normal for whatever reason.

Someone recently posted what have we learned here ....

I have learned I cannot change my situation I can only change how I react to it.

Right now I am in a horrible place ... so most of my posts will come off very cranky until I get past my own issues.

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"something, is stinky in here...what does that mean?

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I'm guessing it's me. I feel like shet so maybe I smell like it too.

I'm having a hard time right now too. This stalking thing with DD's ex has me really jumpy and checking behind every door in the house. I'm crying at the drop of a hat...wait....what was that??????

We should have a free time around the Holidays were where we can claim temporary insanity and not be held accountable for what we have posted. Where is the home base like we had when we played tag as kids?

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It's me. I admit it. I am in a foul mood. My house is a wreck, we have tons of people coming for the holidays, I have a huge party to plan for, sales people have been rude beyond belief, I still need to shop.

My mother called my ex-husband the other day to ask him about something she had read in an email from my best friend. He didn't know what she was talking about. So he called me. I talked to him. My mother had made all sorts of assumptions to him that I then needed to straighten out. So then I emailed her and told her what was going on (my bf didn't realize the email had gone to my mother too... go figure) and she emailed back with no mention of any of it.

So, what? She just goes around, spreading rumors to my ex, doesn't call my bf (and yes, she has the number), doesn't email her back to ask what's going on, just starts up the old rumor mill and cranks away. And then, does not say anything to me.

AHHHHH.... So I email my bf and say - what the he!! and she apologizes. It's fine, it was an oversight and I can understand. But I'm still kind of flipping mentally and she says, hon, I just am trying these days to let shi! slide off my back, it's hard, but in the long run it's easier. Let your mom go.

Ok. So I'm trying. But my little mental monster is not letting me. My mother either has no idea what she's doing or she knows exactly. Either way, it's infuriating.

So I'm snippy. With everyone. Isn't it awful???

Believer, I know what you mean. I just want to call out "Time Out" or "Ollie ollie oxen free"

You know what the real kicker is? I just googled that phrase to make sure I was remembering it right and this is what it said:

Ollie ollie oxen free:
"The exact origin of the phrase is unknown, but etymologists suspect it is a childish corruption of the German "Alle, alle auch sind frei!", (literally, "Everyone, everyone also is free!"), which is purported to have been a cruel joke often played upon Holocaust victims by their jailers. At any particular time, a prisoner might be released, immediately upon which the phrase would be shouted. Any other prisoners who also left would be killed further down the road by Nazi soldiers."

I have no real problems. I have no real problems. I have no real problems.

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Cindy, no real reason...just felt like lightening the mood in here. Yep, I still haven't grown up :)

Hey Believer, nope I didn't mean you. Just being silly :) Thats really scary about the stalker, has law enforcement helped any? And yep, I agree..the holidays make everyone insane, I really don't like this time of year.

LOL Silversword, "I have no real problems." Thats crazy about the ollie ollie oxen free, I never knew that.

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Ollie Ollie oxen free, lol. I feel smarter now :)

Last night, while we were lying in bed, almost asleep, out of the blue , hubby asks....where does the phrase tongue in cheek come from?

I was too tired to even think about it, but now I am going to have to run and look it up.

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Or where did "cat got your tongue?" come from...hmm

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click click click....there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home......

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The phrase "Cat got your tongue?" is supposedly comes from the Middle East where liars had their tongues ripped out and fed to the King's cat....ouch!

The phrase "Tongue in check" is supposed to have come from an English humorist from the 1800's. He thought it was funny since people can't speak with their tongues pressed up against their cheeks.

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SERENITY NOW!!!!!! Hahahahahaha.

I am just so stressed form Holiday poop and trying to get ducks in a row for a new baby that I could really use a shot of hard liquor.

Bring on the egg nog!!!!!!!

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Line a few up for me doodle. Under the table doesn't look so bad right now.

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