Wiring for washer and electric dryer

sofaspudSeptember 13, 2011

Am going to do this for my BIL who has no machines at present, and therefore no circuits. Looking for concurrence on this from the experts.

Planning on dedicated, 120V, 20A breaker, 12/2 for washer. Planning on double-pole, 240V, 30A breaker, 10/3 for dryer. Should have line of sight between panel and dryer, so no disconnect required?

I have no experience with 240V, but I have added 120V breakers to my panel, and that was simple enough.

Any regulations on how I string and connect the lines to the overhead joists?

I have a rec checker for 120V, but nothing like that for 240V special outlets. How do I probe the dryer outlet with my meter to check it for proper wiring?

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Ron Natalie

If the receptacles remain accessible, the plug/receptacle can also suffice for the disconnecting means.

You must follow the finished surface, run along the joists or through bored holes in them. You can not staple the runs to the bottom of the joist when running perpendicular to them.

On the 240 V receptacle, the two hots should read 240VAC between them.
It should read 120V from each hot to ground and neutral. Ground to neutral should read zero.

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