Is there a code restriction for mounting TV over tub

msehomeSeptember 24, 2008

Hi all,

would like to mount a TV in the bathroom. The wall space is limited so would like to mount it on the wall at the end of the Tub. Is there a code restriction for this?? It will have a transformer plugged into a GFI circut.


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You might like this.

Here is a link that might be useful: TV for bath

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Hmmmm...does this mean i'm asking a silly question and I can put it anywhere I want???? Don't think I want it down at water level....and sure don't want to pay $32,000 to watch tv.

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The restriction is where the receptacle goes. It CANNOT be anywhere within the confines of the tub or shower.

Personally, there is NO WAY I'd have a TV within the tub or shower area. NO WAY!

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Thanks for the information

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I have a 17" LCD TV mounted near the tub/shower.
The only reason I didn't mount it IN the shower was because of water problems.

It uses an AC adapter (in the line cord) to lower the line voltage to 12v DC.

If your TV is LCD and uses a 12v DC adapter, then there should be no problem (with high-voltage).

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Thanks Regus, it is an LCD with a 12v DC adapter. There is no shower just a tub, the shower is seperate on the other side of the room.

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Having a TV in my M/Bath, It is near but not over the tub, has a stepdown TX and the line cord is not long enough plugged in to reach any wet area.

TV's are nice while soaking, not so good to watch while showering because of noise and splashing water.

My advice is to make sure it is viewable while on the throne.

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I guess you can watch T.V. in the tub if your suicidal
or just stupid and think " it can't happen to me ". No offence to anyone. The average L.C.D. screen uses between
20 - 34 volts at approx. 6 amps. Depends on how bright
you watch it. The 12 volt power supply adapter will produce a minimum of 3 amps. You may have a 18 volt adapter
at 3 amps. depends on your T.V. It takes 50 miliamps to stop your heart. There was a navy guy that got killed by a
9 volt transister radio battery. Yes it's true, i looked it up. Dry skin has approx. 100,000 ohms of resistance. Wet skin 1000 ohms. the internal body that is comprized of
mostly salt water has even less. I got a shock from a
one and a half volt C cell. I thought i was dead. A stranded wire fragment broke through my skin and i've NEVER felt a shock that bad in 50 years. I got burned and
there was a mark on my wrist. Still there to this day. I
found myself on the other side of the kitchen with my head
bleeding. The worst part of the shock is landing on something that can split you open like an oven door. Just
my opinion but i think anyone that watches T.V. in the tub
with the T.V. hanging over the water or near water is a nut bar and asking for it. Just my opinion though. No offence. Anyone is free to do as they see fit. B.T.W. i'm looking at the low voltage outdoor yard lighting power
supply AFTER the 110 volt side. You know, where the 12 volts come out. There are caps in that circut rated for 16 - 100 volts. most are 50 volts. Gee, i wonder why ? ( just a comment, i know why ). Don't bother explaning.
Good luck and hope you stay alive. It may never happen to you but someone else ? Ever get a shock off a speaker wire ? My nephew was hospitalized after he was electricuted
by his sub woofer on his car. 5000 watts R.M.S. 100,000
Peak to peak. That is approx. .417 amps. at 12 volts. I've seen a 1/2 inch ark from my speaker wires.

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Not sure where everyone lives here, but the whole not having a GFCI outlet near or around your tub is a bit confusing to me. When you have a jacuzzi tub it has a "MOTOR" that is on a GFCI that is right beside and below the tub.

With that in mind if you have the outlet mounted high and behind a Plexiglas cover along with the T.V I can't see the difference.

I'm planning to mount one in a wall cut-out that I'm building at the foot of the tub. I've thought about the moisture issues and am going the route of placing it behind a Plexiglas front. Combined with a larger vent fan installed I'm sure it will be fine. For the heat issue on the LCD I'm installing a component cooling fan that will vent out the side of the wall unit , which is holding the TV.

My en-suite also has a rather large window above the tub. All of this combined should solve most issues I hope. If I think it's overkill then it's good or maybe not enough. That's my way of thinking about it.

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