Hidden fixture in attic ceiling bypass

grandmumSeptember 18, 2013

Not sure this will make sense without photos.

I have a single pole switch that does not control anything in my kitchen and could never figure out what it went too.

Later I found what looks like the top side of a fluorescent light fixture with a one rigid conduit going to it in the deadspace of a ceiling bypass above, (probably 40+ years old). At some point new cabinets were put in and the underside of this fixture is not accessible anymore from below.

I am guessing this switch controlled this abandoned fixture. I am also guessing the old fixture would be against code now(ie: wiring not accessible).

If indeed the switch sending power to this fixture, should I just disconnect the switch and snip and wirenut the power going to switch and forget about the fixture?

I wonder if this could be a hazard. Is this something I should address or leave the current configuration in place?

ANy ideas?

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Ron Natalie

If you can get into the attic, the wiring is accessible.

You can disconnect the wiring or not as you wish.

If my wife was round, she'd have you rewiring that switch to new recessed lighting just so it does something...:)

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Thanks, I was thinking it would be considered unaccessible like a drywalled over junction box or something.

Its not on the surface of the attic, you have to remove insulation to gain access to the crevice (bypass) where the fixture is.

But I suppose many junction boxes are covered with insulation so.....

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