hanging mirror with wall anchors?

PoorOwnerSeptember 25, 2008

I bought a fairly large mirror about 5'x3.5' to go over the mantel. I was happy to find a stud just about the middle of the firplace mantel, but the mirror came with 2 "D" hooks 41" apart. Unfortunately where the D hooks are there will be no studs.

It just included 2 screws and the cheesiest plastic anchors and tell you to make sure that one screw goes into a stud. The question is should I just go ahead and use 2 better version "EZ" anchor, the white spiral kind that supports 50lbs each.

The mirror is only 38 lbs so it is not that heavy and I have no kids (YET) that may do something stupid like hanging on it.. It would be good to have a safety wire, that rest or snag on the stud in the middle of the mantel/mirror. But I don't have any other ideas right now.

Please share some experience how you hang your large mirrors, thanks

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In cases like yours I put heavy wire thru the D hooks and then use 3 picture hangers that will handle up to 50 lbs. One hanger goes in the stud (use a nail long enough to hit the stud) and the other two are spaced so that the mirror will hang centered.
I don't think you need the screw in type of anchors.

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Hi thanks for your idea, I forgot the mention the mirror is not rectangular, more of a ornate shape and they put the hooks at the tips, therefore the use of a wire with just about any slack will show outside the frame area, I still think I'd want to use the hooks directly and a wire in between for safety. But the picture hanger would work good for snagging the safety wire.

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I just hung the monster below a few weeks ago. It's about 40 lbs. and I used two butterfly anchors (they're called hallow wall anchors or Molly bolts) made for this purpose. They were rated for something like 150 lbs. (anal, I know). They are just hanging in standard drywall.

I know it's scary, but with it will work. Don't use wire...that doesn't distribute the weight enough. Just go to the hardware store and look for the anchors. You'll see toggle and butterfly style...either works, but I personally like the butterfly ones better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Explanation of different wall anchors

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I have hung two fairly heavy mirrors (~30-60 lbs) lately and did the same thing as Jean. One of the mirrors actually had a sticker on the back that said NOT to use picture hanging wire. I just used wall anchors rated for 75 lbs each (two anchors for each mirror) and hung the mirrors by the D-rings attached to the back. They seem very secure.

Even if you did have children, I doubt they would be reaching up over a mantel to pull on a mirror. :)

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We used the hollow wall anchors to hang all of our bathroom mirrors. The mirror in our girls' bathroom is the heaviest...not sure why it's so heavy but it's a beast.

If you look close in the picture, (or maybe not so close) you can see two spots above the mirror. That was the first place we hung the mirror with the anchors. We hung it before the electrician put the light fixture up, and the light fixture ended up hanging down too far and it touched the mirror. So we had to move the mirror down. We have yet to remove the first anchors and repair the holes they will leave behind.

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Has anyone hang a mirror and then found it's not really level or inline with the rest of your stuff, has anyone tried proceed to wrap a cable tie around the D-ring to shim it a little, it seems to work, you do need to extend the screw slightly. Maybe there are better ways to shim the D-ring though.

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I am about the pick up the "molly" style anchors, just got a question, when you back the screw out does it affect the anchor's clamp action?

I saw another style that has a single leg that toggles out but you are expected to mount a bracket and the screw needs to be tight. I also looked into toggle bolts but the article above says toggle bolts are a little less precise.

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