outdoor recessed lights porch

chrisk327September 20, 2010

Part of whole house renovation, we're adding a front porch for which I'm adding receessed lights to the porch.

my question - is there special recessed cans I have to use b/c its outdoors?

I know they make "special" cans, which I would think would be needed if this were a sofit, but this is protected from the weather, just outside.

any thoughts/

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Nope. Standard cans and trims are fine. This is a damp location, not wet.

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We use shower trims. While not quite as aesthetically pleasing, they do keep the bugs out(wasps and dirt dobbers). I am not sure if they are required by code though as a lot of people use regular trims.(which around here tend to rust b/c of the humidity)

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Personally, I would use a light rated for wet locations. It isn't required, but they do stand up better to moisture, humidity, and anything else nature can throw at them.

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There is NO such thing as a wet rated can, just trims.

I find bugs get in anyway, and sealed trims only keep them in.

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Thanks everyone

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