Searching for a very shallow chest (Narrow hallway continued)

deltabreezeSeptember 28, 2008

Thanks to you all, I am making progress with my narrow hallway. I am searching for a very

shallow chest

(less than 10 inches deep). Any ideas?

To get you oriented, I left my BLACK front door wide open in the picture below.

The hallway begins with a red runner

and then turns right (behind the fireplace)

and ends with another red runner as you approach the kitchen.

Along this hallway, there are doors to a den, guest room, bathroom, and utility room.

The last part of this hallway is interesting


The front part of the hallway, however,

is in sorry shape.

Caminnc photoshopped a beautiful entry way.

Unfortunately, I donÂt have enough space for the

chest she photoshopped. The wall is only 36 inches wide between the corner and the molding for the bath. We have only 9 inches of depth between the

end of the wall and the molding for the guest room door.

Many of you suggested I put a ledge on the

wall where caminnc put the black chest, but I am really intrigued. Does anyone know of a piece

that is no deeper than 10 inches?

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So, you need something no deeper than 9"? That is, indeed, narrow in depth. I measured the black iron sewing machine base that I use as a table (with either glass or a framed wood print on top) and it was even deeper than that.

Do you absolutely need a table or ledge there or would a really pretty framed mirror, maybe full length--look good at that end of the hallway? I've seen some great ones at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods. Some have carved frames and some are frameless. I think a frame would add that 'furniture' touch to your space. Everything looks bigger and prettier with a mirror.


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Thanks Red. We thought a mirror would look good, but it seemed to double the length of the hallway (a pic with a big mirror was in my previous post).

In terms of depth, I could do a max of 10 inches. I have seen some jelly cupboards that are skinny, but they are a bit "country" for me. I am wondering if I might find a cabinet maker to make one for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: skinny jelly cabinet

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Art & Artifact makes a 10 inch deep chest, but it is over 40 inches wide.

You might have some luck searching for media cabinets. Some of them are not very deep. I'm posting a link to one--I don't think it's the style you want, but it is under 10 inches deep.

Here is a link that might be useful: media cabinet

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How about this magazine table. I think it would go along with your book shelves.

Here is a link that might be useful: magazine table

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And this is called a bench, but could easily be made into a shelving unit......

Here is a link that might be useful: bench

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And then there is this. Not sure if it's your style or not, but if it was painted all black it might do.

Here is a link that might be useful: triple basket table

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Size it right on this one, not sure it carries enough visual weight.

Here is a link that might be useful: glass top console table

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I'm wondering if you went with something narrower or with a demi-lune type shape if you could accomodate something a little deeper. Here's a chest that's 12" deep or perhaps a wall console.

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Or if you have a table that's the correct width that you no longer use you could make something like this....

Which would be my personal choice. Along with a pretty framed painting above and a few pretties on it and under it you've got it made. If you don't have a table you can always check thrift stores or craigslist.
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Like linley I think something narrower would allow you to increase the depth a little. I have a similar thing coming out of our mudroom into the house where I have a 14" deep table however much narrower than the 40" wide hallway. We use it to put mail etc. on. I'd show you but it is a mess right now and a mirror is sitting on it that needs to be hung and I want to paint the table black, but can't for several more months.

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I love your runners! What beautiful colors and they are fabulous with your yellow walls -- a v. inviting space!

As I was reading your post I thought "wall-mounted console" and then I kept reading and saw that others have the same thoughts. I just did a cursory search and didn't find something 10" or less, but I wonder about justgotabme's clever suggestion. Or having something fabricated by a local furniture-maker / cabinetmaker. ???

For 10", I really do think wall-mounted will be the way to go, even if you do something like that great radiator cover pictured you shared in your previous thread.

Okay, just looking at Target for an inexpensive table you wouldn't feel about cutting down and I found this table, which is 11.75" deep. I know, still too deep, but for $99 I thought you could have the back of it cut.

(another Target table, and one more -- can't search anymore because Li'l Bit just awoke from his nap and Big Bit wants to sit in my lap, naturally!)

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Thank you everyone. I am beginning to think: a custom built piece of furniture, OR a simple ledge/ tiny table (with SOMETHING underneath it to give it greater bulk) might be the way to go. I have a few leads to follow up.

camlan -- Thanks for giving me a link to a place I didn't know before. Yes, unfortunately, the hall won't accommodate 40 inches. Your suggestion about searching for media cabinets is a good one. I will google that term.

justgotabme -- Thanks for the links! I am particularly intrigued by the "cut a table in half" approach and the iron console. These could work, but wouldn't have much heft unless I put something UNDER the table. Have any ideas?

linley1-- yes, I really like the chest you linked to, but my hallway is less than 40 inches wide. If I use something about 20 inches wide, I probably could go deeper -- maybe 10 to 11 inches.

lyfia -- thanks for your thoughts.

rmkitchen -- why thank you and, yes, I am beginning to think that a local furniture-maker may be the right way to go. That Target table might work. I have a Target very close to me. If they have the table in stock, I could bring it home and "audition" it.

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I think you created an idea that is a better solution than some skinny chest there, and without intending to do it! I was taken by the pix in which you added the text on the wall space.

I would think about getting a great saying about welcome or home or something and putting it on that wall, either with something from Wallwords (or a similar source) or by stenciling it on. Add a planter below with some greenery to soften the space, and call it a day.

Or, consider a standing floor fountain.

Change out the ceiling can to a light that can be focused to wash down the wall.

I wouldn't add any bulk to that area, visually or actually. It will only make the space feel crowded.

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I wonder if you might have luck looking for a bookcase with doors. I am not sure if this link will work, but it is to a very inexpensive cabinet from Ikea: HENSVIK
Bookcase with doors $69.99-- I have painted a lot of Ikea furniture-- it takes paint beautifully. This one is over 11 inches deep, but that usually includes the handles so it might work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea HENSVIK Bookcase with doors $69.99

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Found this at Ballard's. The Seville console. 34 1/2Wx 11 1/2 D.

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I too love Les's idea of adding wall words especially since the table seems to be difficult to find in the correct size.

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YES-YES-YES to wall words Les917 suggested. That's exactly what I thought. I'd worry adding a piece of furniture will make the area heavy or claustrophobic. I would not add anything except wall words...something with embellishment above and below the saying you choose. Once those are in place you may agree that nothing else is necessary.

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To elaborate on the embellishment I mentioned above...check out the following:

They called these decorative ends & art.

I saw beautiful wall sayings at my nieces home in Chicago. She purchased from a home party, but I didn't ask her the company name. Hers were all embellished with artwork, and what she had was STUNNING!

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I wish I had a place to put a half table like that. I love them. Oh I suppose I could find a place, but right now I have what I need where one *could* go.
As for underneath it or the bottom shelf of the iron piece I'd think about a planter like the one linked to below (shape, not how it's painted) with some greenery or a pretty floral arrangement. It could be changed seasonally too.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It just occurred to me that I have the exact piece that deltabreeze needs in my back hall. It's a little cabinet that is about 8 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 42 inches tall. I found it at a second hand store. The owner of the shop had no clue about its origins, but we both thought that it had been cut down from a larger piece. It's the perfect depth for holding CDs and DVDs.

I third? forth? the suggestion of the wall words. When I saw the pictures of the space for the first time, I thought, "Wow, she has WallWords! They look great!" Then, I read them. I've always wanted to use them, but haven't found the courage yet. But, based on that picture above, I think they would work really well in that space.

If I ever get the nerve, I'm going to use a quote from Chaucer: "The life so short, the craft so long to learn". Or, in correct Middle English: "The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne". But then everyone would think I can't spell.

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Thank you everyone. Once again, I think Les's words are wise. Though I would love a more "furnished" entry hall, the reality is my HALL IS TINY and I have to avoid putting too much stuff there. (Not only would it be visually cluttered, but it could be a tripping hazard.)

I am thinking about the word idea (I like camlan's suggestion). Earlier today, I went to the store to look for a pot to put in the corner (per Les' suggestion). Target has a tall 10 inch square dark grey Zinc pot that might work. (I would need a plant that could take very low light levels because this hallway doesn't get much natural light). Finally, I could modify the ceiling can to make it a wall washer.

skatiero and kmcg-- Great pieces, unfortunately, I really need something that is 10 inches or less.

kahlanne -- yup, I think some form of wall art is probably the answer, possibly "agumented" by a plant on the floor.

houstonmom-- yes, I agree. It is just hard to give up on an idea -- even when it becomes pretty clear that it won't work.

houstonmom -- thank you for the link!

justgotabme -- Thanks again!

camlan - Yes, I did some searching and found a nice collection of 10 inch and less "Media cabinets." If I decide to go forward with the cabinet idea, that is the term I will use to search
Thank you.

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This is probably too deep (14"), but it's only 24" wide. I found it at Penneys.


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Yes, that chest is just perfect, except for its size. Or rather, the chest is perfect, but my hall is really small!

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I have been searching for the same - without much luck yet. Here's one to consider (only 8 in deep, though a little too colonial for me):

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