Yard Light Sensor-Direction

jerry8aSeptember 3, 2013

Yard Light Sensor

My yard light is controlled by a light sensor that was installed in the pole some years ago. I live in Indianapolis, IN and would like to know the preferred direction the light sensor should be pointing. Because of the sensor�s pole mounting, it is difficult to experiment with different positions.


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Ron Natalie

It doesn't really matter as long as the light from the light it is controlling (or some other artificial source) isn't shining on it in a way that will confuse it. Often you can either move or put a small shutter (or tape) to block off the unwanted interference.

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Thanks for your return. My sensor is pointing north and my yard light turns on too early, so I thought a different placement of the sensor might balance out the cycle.


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Ron Natalie

You can try (also check to see if it doesn't in fact have something partially obscuring the sensor or if there isn't some adjustement that can be made.

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