Hooking up ceiling light

shakushinnenSeptember 18, 2009

My daughter bought a new light fixture and asked me to hook it up. She took down the old one, so I'm not sure how it was connected.

The basic problem is that, when I hook up the new fixture, and throw the circuit breaker, the light comes on, and the wall switch does not turn it off. The wall switch is a dimmer.

Coming from the ceiling are two whites (connected), two blacks (also connected), and a red.

The light fixture has a green, a white, and a black. I hooked the green up to the ground, and have tried every combination of the back and white to the ceiling wires, that I can think of, but I either have no light or a light I cannot shut off (with the wall switch).

Any suggestions are appreciated.


..... john

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One possibility--and perhaps the most likely here--is that the power is fed first to the switch box and from there to the light. Then something else unrelated to the light is fed downstream from the black and white combo in the light box.

If that's the case, the red would most likely be the switched hot and should connect to the black wire of the light. The white wire of the light should be connected (or pigtailed) to the two whites in the box and the two existing blacks should remain connected (but not to the light).

You can verify or refute my assumption by taking the cover off of the switch and looking to see if it connects to a red wire.

And while you're at it, check to make sure that it isn't a 3-way switch with three wires attached. There's no other switch controlling this light, right?

[Just wondering: Any chance the light location ever had a multi-function fixture such as a fan/light combo?]

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Hi Tom,
We figured it out. Turns out my daughter fried the dimmer switch by connecting the ground up to the hot. This is why the switch would not shut it of, it must have been fried open.
Thanks for your help.
.... john

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Well, at least she didn't fry herself...

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Yes...... that is definately a plus.
..... john

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