Ceiling light switch

venicegolferSeptember 20, 2013

I would like to install a ceiling light with a switch..
Presently the switch now controls an outlet on and off. In the ceiling there's a cover plate with a box and a Romex wire. The wire is hot all theme.
In the box where the switch is there are two Romex wires
One has black, white and ground. The other has three wires: red ,black white and ground.
The switch is wired like this: all the whites together, the red goes on the Sw.
The blacks are twisted together and the black from the three wires is looped and screwed in the Sw.
How can I put a ceiling controlled with a switch.

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Ron Natalie

RUn a wire from the switch to where the ceiling fixture is. How to do that depends on what's above (or perhaps below) the room in question. The first thing I'd do is see if that ceiling wire goes somewhere convenient (like there was once a switch for it somewhere).

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Would it be better to run a wire from the outlet that is controlled with switch to the ceiling?

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