Hooking Backup Generator to House Circuits (use 2 lines or 1)

PaulAnnArborSeptember 22, 2011

I have a generator which I have been using for several years. The output can be either one 30amp line or two 15 amp lines. Since we do not have an electric dryer, we do not have an existing 30 amp socket anywhere on the house circuits. Until now I have been hooking it up to the house circuits using two 15 amp male/male cords to two existing 15 amp circuits in the house (that have nothing else on them).

Am I losing any power efficiency from the generator by having two 15 amp lines instead of installing one 30 amp circuit?

PS I always turn off the main circuit breaker, besides the lineman safety issue, I can't be powering all the neighbor's freezers.

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Use of suicide cords non-withstanding, the generator won't care if you're drawing from a 15A or 30A circuit.

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Nor will the power company or its legal council.

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