Electrical Hum from Furnace

grandmumSeptember 9, 2008

You gentlemen are very smart so I wanted to ask another question I have been wondering about.......

Im my furnace room, I can hear humming/buzzing from the furnace when it sits idle. The furnace is new. My sons furnace makes the same noise.

He thought it was a "low voltage transformer" making what he called "60 cycle hum" resonating with the ductwork. He thinks it is normal where I am not to sure... my old furnace at another house didnt make such a noise, or at least not that I noticed.

So my question is, from what I describe, does this hum/buzz from the furance seem normal to you? Does your furnace make such a noise when idle?

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I wanted to add, the sound is similar to what a fluorescent lightbulb might sound like.

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Your son is correct... it is the low voltage transformer making the noise.

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Normel- is that Normal? Or is it indicative of a bad transformer?

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It is quite normal.
The transformer is probably not "buzzing", I would guess that it is attcahed to some metal duct work and the vibration of the transformer is causing the buzz.
Have someone move the transformer or remount it with some kind of vibration isolation and the noise will probably disappear or significantly diminish.

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not to shoot down the transformer idea making the noise, but is your furnace by chance electric?
I myself have an electric furnace in one of my houses that makes a buzzing noise. It comes from one of the double pole breakers in the furnace unit. Some breakers just make a buzzing noise.
I haven't tired replacing the breaker because I don't care that much since the noise isn't that loud and there's no harm from it buzzing at all.

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