20A outlets - Swap Out?

grandmumSeptember 18, 2013

Someone must have had extra 20 amp outlets on hand when rewiring some of my house as I noticed a few on 15 amp circuits.

There are no 20 amp appliances using them and I know the ramification of using a 20 amp device on a 15 amp circuit but I wonder....

Would you swap them out if this was your house ??

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While code provisions seem to prohibit the use of 20 amp receptacles on circuits of lesser ampacity, It seems entirely harmless to me so long as the circuit is properly protected based on the conductor size.
So if you are confident in the facts as you presented them, I would just leave them alone-- as I would if it was my house.

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And when the house is sold and the new owner is not so knowledgeable?

For the little cost and effort involved, I'd change the receptacles and move with a clear conscience.

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