Ceiling fan light turning on by itself--explanations?

gobrunoSeptember 9, 2010

We just built a new home and our kids bedrooms all have ceiling fans with lights. The last couple of mornings when I have gone in to wake them up, their ceiling fan light is on. It's creeping me out a little bit. Now, if it was just one of the bedrooms with the older kids, it wouldn't be so weird, but it's also in the baby's room. I'm trying to be rational about this and I've searched the internet, and some say it could be stray signals from some other remote. We do get up early and turn on our tv when we exercise, although that is in the basement and the kids' bedrooms are on the 2d floor. Could this be it? Any ideas? This is the fan we have:



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The fan(s) is likely picking up the signal from another fan. You can change the frequency of the signal by following the instructions on page 12 of the manual.

Here is a link that might be useful: Atomical Fan Manual

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Are the fans remote operated? Could be power blinks. Some fans will turn on the light by default if there is a power failure.

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Thanks, Mike, for the link to the manual. I'll try that. I thought about that, but the fan goes on in the middle of the night, and I can't imagine anybody is turning on some other fan in the middle of the night. I thought may be it was the tv remote bc I turn on the tv very early in the morning to exercise, but this morning the fan light was on before I even turned on the tv. It's just a bit weird and creepy.


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Some of the fans have an incredible range and when I say incredible I am talking like waay out. I lived in the country and a friend ran out and had full control over 100 feet away. In the city with all the other signals and interference I doubt it could be anything that far away but close neighbors are a distinct possibility.

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We have a Casablanca fan/light in our dining room. It has a reostatic control for the fan only and another one for the light. If we have a brief power surge/outage, the light will come on full brightness and the fan is going at full speed. Other Casablancas in the house do not do the same.

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Did that rheostat come with the fan? I believe you are not supposed to use a rheostat with a ceiling fan.

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It is a Casablanca control which allows you to start with a dim light or a slow fan and bring both up to brightness/speed gradually. If you google Casablanca, it shows the wall controls. There is also a switch in the control which shuts down power to the fan/light. This fan/light and its control was far from inexpensive. The light is more like a chandalier. My other Casablancas are not controlled this way. The others I control from a standard wall switch controlling the speed of the fan and the lights with pull chains.

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ghosts? magnetic fields from ghosts could be taken as signals to the fan control. i had had an experience wher the fan and light were controlled by a single switch. when the switch was turned on, the light and the fan would turn on. one night, the fan magically turned on,but the light didnt. i flipped the switch on, and the light and fan turned on. from the on, i was terrified of fans for the rest of the time in the apartment. we had also heard voices calling our names, smelled funny smells and sawvthings.

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I'm in property management -- and I've found that a majority of ceiling fans in the apartments operated by remote controls had one common drawback -- almost all of them always turned on by themselves due to the signals from other neighbors, similar to some garage doors which can open up because of the similar signal codes.

The tenants were so scared and kept on saying it was a "ghost" turning on the ceiling light or the ceiling fans at various hours of the night.

I found out that these strange occurrences were not due to "some ghosts hunting the room", just the remote control signals being operated by a neighbor or other types of signal remote control devices. Of course, there are "ghosts" I believe, but in these cases, just too much signal strength to operate other ceiling fans with these remotes.

This was all solved by only having hard-wired wall switch (not the remote wall switch) or pull-type chain to physically turn on the the light and the fan; and instantly there were no more complaints by the tenants that night or thereafter.

So after changing all these fans, I've learned the hard lesson; I never buy an remote controlled ceiling fan for any of the rental properties -- too much "spooky" moments for the tenants and "no sleep" for me when the tenants call me in the middle of the night saying that they are "scared".

Now its just other emergencies that they call me during the middle of the night -- so I better now go to bed :)

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" It has a reostatic control "

Not likely.

An electronic control with a thyristor is far more likely.

Rheostats are simple resistive controls and dissipate a LOT of power.

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Anyone remember Jack Jack from the Incredibles movie? Maybe a camera in the room is in order and possibly a fire extinguisher.

I am just kidding by the way. Some fans do weird things when they are not hard wired to a mechanical on off switch.

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