LED's hot

marknmtSeptember 2, 2014

I need to know if this is a problem or to be expected.

We just bought a GE 60 watt replacement, 11 watt useage, 800 lumens light bulb at Target. I expected it to run fairly cool, but am surprised at how hot the bottom part of the bulb gets. I was able to gently hold it when I removed it after a few minutes use, but my wife thought it was way too hot.

Please advise, and thank you very much.

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Given the low total wattage consumption, I too was surprised at the heat from the driver for the LED. Apparently the present-day LED drivers are extremely heat sensitive, so one might assume that the life of your lamps is being shortened by the heat.
Most such lamps note that they are not for enclosed fixtures.
It would not be surprising if eventual improvements will lessen the heat output and improve the heat tolerance.

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The lamp is in an open ceiling fixture, but it's hot enough that I'm thinking about using it elsewhere. The labelling does warn against using in "totally enclosed recessed luminaries" but this fixture is neither. (It's the kind of cheap ceiling light you see in tract and military housing- must be everywhere.)

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It is extremely unlikely that any hazard exists with regard to the heat in your application as it is much cooler than an incandescent.

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Thanks, Bus.

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LEDs will burn out (except brand Switch) if placed in enclosed fixture, the drivers will fail. They make less heat but still must radiate and convect it away. They get HOT! if air can circulate they'll be fine, but if it's a glass 1/2 bowl type fixture up against a ceiling they will fail.

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Yes, LEDs like CFLs do get hot. They are far more efficient than incandescent bulbs, but all the same, a few watts of waste dispersed into a solid metal mass can still heat that mass up pretty well!

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