Voltage Problem

norulez43September 16, 2013

I've been having this problem with battery backup units that kick into battery mode repeatedly. They either click or beep every time they do so and it is quite annoying. Looking at the manuals, it seems that there are certain voltage tolerances (ranges) and if the voltage drops or spikes out of that range, it kicks into battery mode. I wanted to see what was happening so I hooked up a digital multimeter to the same receptacle. I could not see the voltage move when the battery backup kicked on (it was still a good 117V at the time). Is it possible that it is happening too fast for the multimeter to pick it up? Or, should I be looking into something else? I've been looking for a good voltage data logger to record a history of voltage but I don't want to bother unless it can pick up these possible quick sags/spikes.

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Ron Natalie

It's possible, or it could be the battery backup has problems of it's own

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It happens with multiple battery backups so it is not the UPS.

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You need at least an RMS digital multimeter. What kind are you using?

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What is happening with other things in the house such as microwave ovens and digital clocks with lighted displays?

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I am using a Fluke 324 which says True-RMS. This is actually happening at work, not my house, and I'd like to buy something that can record these voltage drops or spikes if possible so I can show them to the electric company. We had a spindle drive crash a few weeks ago out in the shop and the repair guy said he was sure it was due to a power problem but we can't prove that.

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Stingy with information complicates the offering of solutions. The POCO may be blameless in your situation. If your premises has 3-phase Delta service, the onsite single phase power may be supplied by customer-owned and installed transformers. If so, the problem may be there. A pro is needed in person at that premises.

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There are such things as power quality monitors and data loggers. They sample a fairly high rates and log the data.

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