Tips on installing recessed window alarm switches?

okiegardener789September 8, 2011

Has anyone ever installed recessed alarm switches on a house that is already finished? I would like to have recessed switches because it looks so much cleaner, but it seems like it would be a giant PITA. This is slab construction, with a shallow roof and of course insulated outer walls.

The only thing I really could think of besides removing drywall at the top of the room was drill a 3/8" hole in the side of the window to get in the stud cavity, push a fish tape and hope it goes up and then go up in the soffit to drill a hole and hope to retrieve it?

Any tips or ideas on this?

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After removing the inside wood trim around the windows to run the wire down from the top to the switch, you might be able to use an Installer's Bit (18" or so long, varying sizes but I'd use about 1/4") to drill into the soffit and pull the wire down.
Personally, I'd go with motion sensors.

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