Meter pedestal vs meter on the garage wall

ylmzmSeptember 23, 2013

We will upgrade our residential electric service to 400 Amps. The transformer is 160' from the garage wall. We can either place a combination service entrance device (CSED) on the garage wall or we can put a meter pedestal + two 200 Amp disconnects next to transformer pole and bring two 200 Amp lines back to home.

Which one is better from your point of view? We will install solar panels in the near future, does it make any difference?

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Ron Natalie

The pedestal is going to be more expensive for a number of reasons. Unless you think you're going to tear down or substantially change the garage, it's probably cheaper and more convenient to terminate the service at the structure.

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Not to mention, you own everything after the meter (atleast where I live). Leave the 160' service lateral up to the poco and take over when it hits the house.

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