Ground Wire

jxk04September 1, 2012

I'm replacing an outdoor light fixture. I removed the old fixture. There is a plastic electrical box. There was no mounting bracket for the old fixture. The white wire was connected to white; black to black; bare copper ground to bare copper ground. The new fixture has a metal mounting bracket with a ground screw. Can I just connect the new fixture wires to the wires as the old fixture was or is it necessary to pigtail the ground wires together and attach to the ground screw on the metal mounting bracket that came with the new light fixture?

I did pigtail the wires and connect to the ground screw but I'm not sure it was necessary or, if it's not necessary, if it's ok to leave it that way.


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Ron Natalie

If there was a ground terminal, it needs to be connected. Adding a pig tail to the ground wires is OK. Often you can just wrap the bare wire coming from the fixture around the ground screw on it's way to being wire nutted to the house wiring.

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That's good to know. Thank you for the response.

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