Re-doing light outlets in gargage

crouse99September 29, 2012

I am going to replace my fluorescent lights in the garage with regular fixtures so I can use screw in bulbs. When I took down one of the fluorescent fixtures there were 3 hot wires wrapped together running to the fixture and 3 neutral wires wrapped together running to the fixture. There's 1 ground wire. Why the extra hot and neutrals? Can I simply cap off 2 of each and wire the other 2 to my new fixture?


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The "extra" hots and neutrals probably run to other fixtures. You must wire the new fixture the same way that the old one was wired if you want to guarantee that everything will work the same way it used to.

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Thanks Kurto

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Why would you want to change to screw-in bulbs? Fluorescent is usually a better choice in a place like a garage.

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