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mxyplxSeptember 18, 2012

Well I've read a lot of posts on the search section but just to double check here goes tho I think I know the answer.

What I think is the ground wire for the house built in 1981, California, is attached to a hose bib which used to have copper pipe running into the ground. That is no longer the case as it is now PVC running down into the ground. That is the only ground I have ever found in all these years. It is clamped on with a bolt type clamp. I know damn well the original construction electrician was beaned up. Supposedly he was a good man but beaned is beaned.

I also remember requesting the house be grounded to a copper stake. Never saw one. Lots to check when you have a house built and some stuff just gets away.

Will re-attaching that wire to a copper pipe drove into the ground do the job? Be legal? Should I call a pro?

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No, no and yes. It shouldn't cost a lot to get someone to check and see what's required.

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Won't do. Thot so. Will do.

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A metal water line is still required to be used as an electrode if it is present and long enough, but has been required to be supplemented by another made electrode for a long time.

If you do NOT have a metal water line that is suitable (10 fet in contact with the earth) then you have to install TWO made electrodes.

Rods are still very common.

Under limited circumstances you can use s single electrode (you have to show it is 25 ohms to the earth or less).

The problem is that the test requires you to drive another electrode.

If you have driven two electrodes you do not have to measure anything (or you could pull the second one).

Why bother?
Job done with the second electrode.

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Lectrishn checked it out today. All OK and legal. Glad I didn't mess with it. Cost was nominal.

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