Speaking of safety, Lovehadley's post reminded me of something...

sylviatexas1December 23, 2010

She said that she was given this advice by a police detective:

"if someone threatens you, believe them;

take their threats at face value;

don't analyze or think about what YOU would do if you were them;

BELIEVE THEM and protect yourself accordingly."

It reminded me of something that happened back in about the mid-1970's.

A friend of mine from work bought a house from the City of Dallas for $1 (the program was an attempt to reclaim some troubled neighborhoods), with the stipulation that she fix it up.

One night, she awoke to see a man silhouetted in her picture window by the light of the (thank goodness) full moon.

She screeched & he ran off & she called the police...

who told her that she should be careful, but they couldn't find evidence of a crime & they doubted that they'd ever find out who it was.

They advised her to go to one of the neighborhood "storefront" police stations & get some help to make things more secure.

She went the very next day...

& was offered the loan of an etching pen to put her driver's license on her valuables.

to which she replied,

"Well, I guess I'd better put my driver's license on my @$$, because that's what that guy was after."

Be careful, be alert, & be suspicious, ladies (but don't try to etch your driver's license number on your hinies).

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