"Outlets making plugged-ins hot"

leigossSeptember 12, 2013

I have just started renting out an older house I own (lived in many years). Some wiring was upgraded, both bathrooms on GFCI. Some older parts still have 2-prong outlets (no ground). My renter says that the "outlets are making plugged-ins hot." I can't think of an electrical problem which would make this happen and don't want to pay for an electrician for no reason as I never had any electrical problems at the house. Is there an instance where the wiring (or voltage to the house, which I haven't checked) would cause this problem. I have never noticed any other problems like light bulbs burning out quickly, flickering, etc. and she hasn't complained of those. Because it is an older home, it does have fewer than usual outlets and she may be running many things off of extension cords. She also specifically mentioned a hall lamp which has halogen bulbs which she may be unfamiliar with. Any ideas or information or sources would be helpful. Thanks.

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Ron Natalie

If the circuits are highly loaded or the distances long, the voltage can drop which will cause the wall warts to run hotter. Still it's not going to really cause any problem either for the wall wart or the house.

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My understanding is that If you are renting a residence in the United States, you must have a licensed electrician work do electrical work.

If the outlets are worn, the contact with the plug might not be good. That can cause heat. Plugs pulling themselves part way out of outlets might be a partial cause. To many items on an extension cord could make these problems worse.

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