A king comforter for a queen duvet cover?

downsouthSeptember 13, 2012

Has anyone ever done this? The person who suggested this to me said a king comforter fits a queen duvet and fills it up better. Would like your opinions about this as I will be buying a comforter in the next two weeks.

Thanks, Devonne

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I have a king on a queen right now. I like it as it drapes nicely.

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I also have a king comforter in a queen duvet cover. My comforter is slightly bigger than the duvet cover, but doesn't cause a problem for me and fits much better than my queen comforter did.

However, the best way to tell is to measure your duvet cover and then check the size of the comforter you order or buy. The actual measurements are usually listed along with the "king" or "queen" (at least when ordering online). That way you're not surprised. You'll find that sizes vary greatly--by as much as 8-10" on each side--while still being called "queen"!

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I should have clarified to go "inside" the duvet cover. Sujafr, thanks for the suggestion on the measuring. I bought a Ralph Lauren duvet cover on Ebay and can't wait to get the comforter to put inside.

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Interesting that your duvet cover is RL. My queen comforter is RL, but is too small for my queen duvet cover--thus using a king. I'm not sure why comforters aren't bigger since it seems they often are too skimpy for the size bed they're intended. Hope yours fits your bed beautifully!

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I've always used a king duvet inside of a queen duvet cover. It makes it puffier looking which I like. Also, I've never had a problem with the duvet slipping around inside of the cover.

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