My first before and after pics!

sarschlos_remodelerSeptember 3, 2008

Here are the before and afters of the playroom paint job. The color we went with is an Ace Hardware color called "sugar dusted" color matched in BM Aura flat. Ceiling is swiss coffee in BM (Dunn Edwards color matched in BM ceiling white paint).

The new window shade isn't up yet, and I don't have baseboards, but I was too thrilled with the results to wait.


The chair rail was terrible -- the POs didn't even miter the corners, and it looks very out of place in our very 1960s house, so we took it down.

During (choosing a color):


It's hard to explain the color. During the day it looks like a warm glowing white -- very washed out; at night/in artificial light, it's a soft pink. The room is primarily a play room, but we set it up as a guest room when there is company.

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What is the paint color? It is lovely.

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The color is an Ace Hardware paint color called Sugar Dusted A13-1, which we had color matched in BM Aura flat.

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What a fresh clean color.. beautiful!

Your children are beautiful also!

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It looks wonderful! As do your wee ones. :) It reminds me a lot of our combo play room/dining room which we had for many years. Good call on removing the chair rail.

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Wow, what a great difference. It looks so crisp & clean now. Your kids are just dolls!

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What a wonderful transformation! Congratulations on your first before and after success!

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Wow what a difference! It looks so clean and fresh. Great job in the changing the look of the room.

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That is so awesome to see. I know you are very overwhelmed at what you need to do. It is especially hard with two little adorable kiddos around.
Just tackle one thing at a time and soon you will have many more pictures to show us.

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Very fresh! I can see the tinge of pink you are talking about. I bet it looks warm at night!

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sara it does look wonderful. Your children are just precious ! I love the art work with the pink tinge to the paint. Very soft and gentle looking. c

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Wonderful job.

I admire all of your work with the little ones to look after, also.

One room at a time and pretty soon you'll see a big transformation.

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What a wonderful transformation! I love the clean, elegant new look. Did you like the Aura paint?

Your children are beautiful. I have to admit that your little boy made my heart stop for a minute, and I have tears in my eyes. He looks exactly like my older son (now 15) at that age (almost a year?); my son even wore similar clothes. My boys are now 15 and almost 10, and with today the first day of school I'm feeling that time is rushing along. I'd give anything to have them back as babies for a few minutes!

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Great wall color! Is this still your playroom? Your children are beautiful. Your DD looks like she's in a toy ad, she's so photogenic. That smile!

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sr your kids are just too cute! That's a great color - crisp but warm - really good choice. One down 487 to go, right? ;-) You'll get there, one step at a time!

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Doesn't it make a huge difference to get the old stuff off the walls, and have a blank canvas -- your *own* blank canvas -- to work with? Good for you!

Do you have pics of the painting process? I can just imagine your gorgeous kids "sugar dusted" with paint!

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The color is lovely and so are your kids!

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Thanks everyone! I'm really pleased with how the color makes the faeries in the painting pop. The new cell shade arrived today. I'll try to get a pick this weekend when the room is set up as a guest room (sans toys) so that you can get a better view.

In the meantime, here's a pic of our little guy "helping" while I was finishing up the primer coat:

By the way, in case anyone wants info on the process:

I first removed the chair rail and baseboards. To strip the wallpaper, I used a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar, 1/3 generic fabric softener and 1/3 hot water. This would have worked better if I had let it soak longer, but the kids couldn't stop picking at it.

Once the wallpaper was off, I scrubbed the walls with a green cotch pad and hot water to remove as much of the wallpaper paste and fabric softener as possible.

That process took about 1 day total over the course of a weekend.

This last weekend, I filled in holes with spackle and painted a coat of GARDZ primer for damaged walls to seal in any remaining wallpaper residue and give the walls a nice texture. While this was drying, I painted the ceiling (I used a special edging tool on the ceiling that worked pretty well, but the little wheels got paint on them -- I wouldn't recommend using that tool for edging on the walls as it will most likely lead to a lot of ceiling touch ups). I then primered the walls with an all-purpose primer to cover up all of the dark paint that was already there (previous owners had painted a dark brown in spots, and we had sampled many different colors on the walls). I had the primer tinted to the color I was painting on the wall so that I wouldn't need as much paint.

Lastly, I painted the walls. I needed two coats of paint on the parts where the wallpaper and dark paint had been, but the primer and one coat of paint was perfect for the rest of the room (which meant I only had to do edging 3 times instead of 4!). The paint was BM Aura. I've read that some people had trouble working with it, but I found it very easy to use. I liked that it was not at all drippy unless I had oversaturated my roller. Where I did get drips, they were easily fixed with a pass of a drier roller.

We'll paint the new baseboards before we install them, then caulk and touch up after install.

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Perfect shade of white with a tinge of pink. Congrats!! Your children are adorable.

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OMG, I just want to eat him up, he is so adorable. And a little ham too posing for his pic on that latter--who needs professional photography? I love the candid shots. My baby boy is 15 now....

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