service cable in basement ceiling

homeboundSeptember 7, 2012

As a handyman I have been asked to re-drywall a bathroom ceiling after client had a service upgrade (permitted & inspected) in a finished basement.

The main service line enters the rear of the home (bathroom), but the panel is on the front of the building so the service line runs through the ceiling from back to front. Line enters bath (boxed in and safety-plated), then up to the ceiling. In that room, it was run below/across the joists parallel to a 2x nailer. This means that the service cable will run basically against the ceiling in this room. Am I supposed to throw up a red flag on this or plate the entire 5 foot length where it's low? Would it have been proper to run the service line through the joists instead (lots of other plumbing, gas, etc. in the ceiling)? I also noticed the service line touches ceiling drywall at one bend in the next room where the ceiling is already finished. Thoughts, please. Thanks much.

Meanwhile, the client is already calling back the electrician to assess this, though I wonder what they would do after it's complete, final inspected, etc.

Thanks much. This is in Arlington, VA

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In these parts, as long as there is 'disconnect' within
5 feet of where the power enters the building, you are
good to go. YMMV.

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