Outdoor GFCI receptacles

ylmzmSeptember 4, 2013

I plan to install some outdoor receptacles around my backyard. There will be 4 quad receptacle boxes. Each box will have 2 duplex receptacles, each on a separate circuit (2 circuits will feed all 8 duplex receptacles, 4 duplex per circuit).

Since these are outdoor receptacles, they need to be GFCI protected. I see a few options:

(1) Multi-wire circuits, connected to a non-GFCI circuit breaker, all receptacles are weather resistant GFCIs.

(2) Multi-wire circuits, connected to a GFCI double pole circuit breaker.

(3) Regular circuits, connected to non-GFCI circuit breakers, all receptacles are weather resistant GFCIs.
(4) Regular circuits, connected to GFCI circuit breakers.

Which option would you recommend? I will use #8 THHN wires (in PVC conduits), so I would like to save some wire if possible. The distance from the panel to the furthest receptacle is about 150 feet.

Couple of more questions:
(1) Can I use a single ground (#8) wire for both circuits?
(2) If I use all 20-Amp receptacles, can I use a 20-Amp breaker, or should I use a 25-Amp breaker?

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