Upgrade from 80 Amp circuit breaker to a 125 amp circuit breaker

andyz1958September 28, 2013

I would like to replace our 40 gal hot water heater with a tankless on demand water heater. Presently there is a main breaker in the panel of 80 amps. I need to replace my existing 30 amp hot water heater breaker with one that is 60 amp to handle the load from the tankless heater. ( of course I will wire with 6-2 AWG as called for.)
I don't think the 80 amp breaker will handle this. I wonder if I replaced it with a 100 amp breaker will this handle the load. Are there any considerations to this thought.
We live in a trailer home and the electricity comes to us underground from a electric meter that is mounted with three other meters. Electric goes from pole underground to meter then to us. I looked at a small panel under the meter and it has a 70amp breaker. I have I forgotten any info?

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There is NO WAY you can make this work.

You have a 70A feeder and you need a 125A breaker for the water heater alone. I think this question is self answering.

A whole house insta-hot is not something anyone is going to put in a trailer without MAJOR rewiring of the service.

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You definitely can't just randomly replace the 80A breaker with a larger one.

Even if you did, you'd be limited by the 70A breaker outside... Don't even think about replacing that.

60A (what the water heater needs) is less than 70A (what you have), but you'd end up with some situation where you can use your hot water ONLY if you turn off everything else in your house. Do you want that?

Basically, forget it. You'd need a service upgrade for this to ever work in a reasonable way.

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Many people run into this kind of problem when considering an on-demand water heater. The service is often not big enough for gas or electric.

Have you done the calculations to show the costs for simply replacing the tank and buying the tankless? It might not pay off over the equipment lifetime even if you did not have to do major service upgrades. Doing the calculations might make you feel better.

If you are in a hot climate, a heat pump water heater might make sense.

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